Enhanced, Automated Records Management & Payroll

Newport Business Consulting provides a powerful web-based payroll solution PLUS integrated modules that work to streamline your records management and payroll operations while enhancing flexibility, security, and control.

Payroll tailored to your unique business needs

Our goal is to make available to our clients efficient, tactful, and resourceful accounting systems and procedures that help your company move ahead quickly and profitably.

Streamlined Cloud-based Payroll

We have the very latest Payroll, Time and Attendance, and HR solutions available. Newport Business Consulting provides you with access to our flexible, web-based software that serves thousands of customers. Options may be tailored to the needs of each customer is walked through every aspect of the software.

Self-Employment Advice? Talk to us.

If you've decided to start your own business and be self-employed, congratulations! We help to jump-start your business and help you with invaluable tools and resources to get you moving forward quickly and efficiently. Some questions you need to ask yourself are: Do you have the required education and experience? Do you have the know-how to run your business and maintain your records as required? Contact us to jump-start your business game-plan.

Business Entity Advice

Did you wish to incorporate or become a LLC (Limited Liability Corporation)? Or, do you wish to operate as a simple Sole-Proprietorship? We provide clear, succinct advice to point you in the right direction. Maybe you want to keep it simple and go with a DBA. We are here to help.

Corporate Suspension Removal

Our dedicated team of professionals gets you back on your feet by taking care of necessary paperwork and filing with the State of California. For example, business entities registered with the Secretary of State must file and pay at least $800 franchise or annual tax from the date of their registration, regardless of whether they were actively doing business.

Premium Annual Reports are Tailored to your business

Your annual report is also known as a statement of information since it is designed to provide the state you reside in with important details about your business along with any updated information or changes that have occurred since the last filing period.

Automated timesheets

Punch clock, time card systems are an antiquated, and inadequate system of timekeeping. Our automated time-tracking system speeds up your entire timesheet management workflow.  It helps get the right data to the right people for timesheet approval and other purposes — ensuring managers have an overview of what’s happening in the team.

Additionally, since it’s an automated process, finance teams can receive an accurate timesheet for billing and payroll management.

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