When your business has been suspended or forfeited, it is not in good standing and loses its rights, powers, and privileges to do business in California.

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Why has my business been suspended? Generally, businesses are suspended when they fail to:

• File a return
• Pay Taxes
• Penalties
• Fees

• Interest

Business entities registered with Secretary of State (SOS) must file and pay at least $800 franchise or annual tax from their registration date to current, regardless of business activity.
Secretary of State suspended due to none filing “Statement of Information” on the timely bases. This statement should be filed annually.

If the SOS suspends/forfeits your business, they may impose a $250 penalty that we collect.
If your business is suspended, You cannot:

• Legally do business
• Sell, transfer, or exchange real property
• File with an automatic extension
• File a claim for refund
• Start or continue a protest
• Legally close or dissolve your business
• Bring an action or defend your business in court
• File or maintain an appeal before the Office of Tax Appeals
• Maintain the right to use your business name

  1. Secretary of State (SOS) will deny your reviver request if the entity name is no longer available.
  2. SOS will require your business to choose a new name
  3. Retain tax-exempt status.
    We revoke an organization’s tax-exempt status as of the suspension date.
  4. Your business may be subject to a $2,000 penalty per tax year for failure to file missing tax returns within 60 days after receiving a written demand to do so.

Contract Void Ability

If you enter into any contracts while you are not in good standing, the other party can void the contract.
Unless you apply for, and we grant relief, your business contracts remain:

• Voidable
• Unenforceable

A corporation suspended by the Secretary of State only is not subject to contract voidability.
Be sure to settle any outstanding issues with the SOS.
Revive at an office location
All documents should be dated within 30 days of your Walk-Through Revivor Request.
Follow the instructions on the Walk-Through Reviver Request Checklist (FTB 3557 W PC).
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