Amend Article of the Corporation

(a) A corporation may amend its articles from time to time, in any and as many respects as may be desired, so long as its articles as amended contain only such provisions as it would be lawful to insert in original articles filed at the time of the filing of the amendment and, if a change in shares or the rights of shareholders or an exchange, reclassification or cancellation of shares or rights of shareholders is to be made, such provisions as may be necessary to effect such change, exchange, reclassification or cancellation. It is the intent of the Legislature in adopting this section to exercise to the fullest extent the reserve power of the state over corporations and to authorize any amendment of the articles covered by the preceding sentence regardless of whether any provision contained in the amendment was permissible at the time of the original incorporation of the corporation.

(b) A corporation shall not amend its articles to add any statement or to alter any statement that may appear in the original articles of the initial street address and initial mailing address of the corporation, the names and addresses of the first directors, or the name and address of the initial agent, except to correct an error in the statement or to delete the information after the corporation has filed a statement under Section 1502.

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Dissolve the Entity

Business entities doing or transacting business in California or registered with the California Secretary of State (SOS) can dissolve, surrender, or cancel when they cease operations in California and need to terminate their legal existence here.

• Domestic corporations (those originally incorporated in California) may legally dissolve.

• Foreign corporations (those originally incorporated outside California) may legally surrender. • Limited liability companies and partnerships (both domestic and foreign) may legally cancel.

• Limited liability companies and partnerships (both domestic and foreign) may legally cancel.

Dissolving, surrendering, or canceling a California business entity is a multi-step, multi-state agency process that has requirements with us and the SOS.

Our team members are trained intensively to take care of this and other tasks, and close your entity within a reasonable amount of time. By filing the right document you may avoid payment of minimum corporation/LLC minimum taxes. In most cases the tax is $800.00.

Payroll Services

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